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  1. Pardon, moi francais et terrible so je escibe on anglaise I have the Problem, that my Neufbox 4 dont open the Ports at the Menu Network->NAT. I want to open open the Port 8080 for my Cam Intern i reached the Cam at Extern i want to reached the Cam at "myIP:8080" but it doesent work i do it like the Video http://www.justneuf.com/wiki/index.php/Ouvrir_un_port_sur_une_neufbox_4,_Evolution_ou_box_de_SFR The Problem, that the Port is not open. What can i do or where is my Problem? Firmware ist the NB4-MAIN-R3.2.12 1 Hauscam both Port 8080 8080 Enable SIP ALG enabl
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